CGC’s interview with Oron Barber by CryptoEmCee


It’s a pleasure to know that CGC Kyiv 2019 will bring together so many industry luminaries. And guess who is the next one? Our good friend and CGC’s next speaker – Oron Barber from CoinPoint. CoinPoint is a well-known company, that through the years has managed to build a strong global network of partners and clients in multiple sectors. These guys have the knowledge, experience, and specialty in rendering premium services unique to those targeted markets, and Oron will be happy to share his thoughts with you at the next CGC in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 10-11.

Wanna know more about him? Do not miss the special interview with our dear guest. Let’s get to know what he will talk about at the upcoming CGC in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 2019.